My Story

Hello. I’m Apara

– an illustrator and graphic designer, art director and all round creative problem solver.

I started Icy Favourites when I returned to South Africa after 15 years working and living in the UK. Being away for so many years gave me a fresh perspective on life in South Africa.

Not an optimist by nature, I chose to be grateful for the little things – seeking out happiness and joy in everyday life. The glorious sunshine that surrounds us, swimming with the penguins, stumbling across Baboons on your Sunday walk -there is much to celebrate about life in South Africa and life in general.

My philosophy at Icy Favourites is to design and produce work that celebrates optimism. This doesn’t mean ignoring the negative or pretending it doesn’t exist, but making a conscious choice to celebrate the small moments of joy in our everyday lives.

I hope that my work brings a smile to your heart and brightens up your home.

What inspired the name, ICY FAVOURITES?

In 1921 my great-grandfather Mr. B Purmasir (pictured), established the Durban Electric Mineral Water Works (Pty.) LTD – a soft drink factory, to you and me. It was one of the earliest Indian-owned business in South Africa – no small achievement, given the dark history of the country.

One of his best-selling brands was Icy Favourites.

Sadly the factory closed in the 1970’s, but his entrepreneurial spirit inspires me to this day.

Here I am, aged 5 with my bottle of Icy Favourites